November 11, 2009 - PTF Best Paper Awards

Group 3a
"Using of Co-Milling to Improve Physical Stability of Amorphous Salbutamol Sulphate"
Wai Kiong Ng, V. Wong, P. Balani, S. Chan, R. Tan

Group 3b
"Syngas Chemical Looping Process"
Fanxing Li, D. Sridhar, H. Kim, L. Zeng, F. Wang, L-S Fan

Group 3c
"Density Measurements in a Vibro-Fluidized Deep Granular Bed"
K. Ford, James Gilchrist, H. Caram

Group 3d
"Particle Breakage in the Nanometer Range"
Catharina Knieke and W. Peukert

Group 3e
"Aluminum Burn Rate Modifiers based on Reactive Nanocomposite Powders"
Demitrios Stamatis, X. Jang, E. Beloni, E. Dreizin