The PTF is an international and interdisciplinary forum that promotes information exchange, scholarship, research, and education in the field of particle technology -- that branch of science and engineering  dealing with the production, handling, modification, and use of a wide variety of particulate materials, both wet and dry, in sizes ranging from nanometers to centimeters. Particle technology spans a range of industries to include chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, food, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, advanced materials, energy, and the environment.

What does it do?

The PTF serves the discipline and its members around the world. The PTF

  • provides a forum (an annual meeting and an executive committee comprised of eight representatives from academia and industry) through which members can express needs in PT and develop plans to address those needs
  • organizes technical meetings (planning, chairpeople, and speakers) in areas critical to industry and to research, usually at the annual meeting of the AIChE
  • sponsors, participates in, or advertises other PT-related conferences, such as the World Congress on Particle Technology
  • presents five awards to recognize outstanding contributions to PT. These are presented at an awards banquet at the annual meeting of the AIChE
  • organizes tutorials, classes, and workshops for continuing education, usually presented at AIChE meetings
  • publishes a newsletter with news about PT activities around the world, book reviews, ideas for solving problems in PT processes, and descriptions of PT centers
  • helps to develop technical and managerial leaders for PT through recruiting, training, networking, recognition, and opportunities for gaining experience in leadership.
  • has a Web site for providing informationto the world community of PT specialists (whether members or not) and the general public. This has links to technical societies, research centers, and upcoming meetings.
  • has a Web site which publishes tutorials covering the many technical areas of PT:
Significance of PT
Formation from Gas
Formation from Liquid
Comminution, Attrition
Size Enlargement
Particle Physics
Particle Characterization
Powder Bed Mechanics
Powder Bed Dynamics
Pneumatic Conveying
Fluidized Bed
Separation by Size
Particle/Gas Separation
Particle/Liquid Separation
Dispersion in Fluids
Heating, Drying
Simulation, Modeling