Duties of officers


  • Lead and direct PTF activities for two years
    • Make agenda, Chair ExecComm and Annual Meetings
    • Assist/Backup other Officers as needed
    • Send request for award nominations
    • Ditto for nominations to ExecComm (even-numbered years)
    • Write columns for the PTF newsletter
    • Serve as Point of Contact for AIChE and external societies
    • Attend Division Officers Breakfast (or send a rep)
    • Send reports as requested to AIChE
  • Organize PTF committees (with help from Exec Comm)
    • Recruit/Train/Motivate/Recognize members and officers
    • Have someone go to AIChE Leadership Training (subsidized)
    • Serve on PTF award evaluation committee
  • Serve as Vice Liaison for Program Area 3
    • Have one or two PTF reps at the Nat. Planning Conf. (subsidized)
  • Manage PTF activities at AIChE meetings
    • Remind AIChE HQ that Thomas Baron Award lecture should be sched for 5 or 6 PM on Wednesday
    • Reserve rooms for ExecComm, Annual, and area committees
    • executive committee meeting (Sunday eve, 15)
    • membership meeting (Monday afternoon, 60)
    • five program group meetings
    • (ab=Mon ce=Tue, d=Thur, 25 each)
    • awards banquet (check with Vice Chair, Tuesday, 100)
    • Serve as MC at Awards Banquet and for Thomas Baron Award

Vice Chair

  • Manage annual awards selection process
    • Receive nominations
    • Distribute copies to awards committee (Those for Lectureship Award in Fluidization go to Group 3b
  • Get name of winner from Group 3b)
    • Receive votes, notify AIChE for publicity
    • Inform awardees and notify of banquet and tickets
    • Ask to send photo/bio info to AIChE for publicity
  • Notify sponsors, invoice them for awards
    • Ask to have rep present checks at banquet
  • Make arrangements for Awards Banquet on Tues eve:
    • Reserve tickets for awardees (two each)
    • Order award plaques and get checks for awardees
    • Bring camera (or get aide) to photograph awardees
    • Help chair present awards
    • Get names of poster contest winners; send award letters
  • Arrange for production of CD for PTF Topicals and seek opportunities for publication
  • Prepare to be chair:
    • Monitor and help chair with duties
    • Attend Nat. Planning Conf. and Leadership Conf (both subsidized) if you have not done so before


  • Take and distribute minutes:
    • for the ExecComm meetings
    • for the Annual Meeting
  • Act as parliamentarian for these meetings
  • Act as keeper of the PTF membership contact list sent from the AIChE and used by newletter, etc.
  • Act as keeper of the nonmember contact list (to advertize PTF) former members, contacts in other societies
  • Manage PTF elections in even-numbered years:
    • Help NomComm distribute their slate of candidates
    • Prepare and distribute ballots
    • Receive, count, and report the votes
  • Maintain PTF archives (minutes, newsletters)


  • Receive and disburse funds as directed by the PTF Board (Requires a written request and documentation)
  • Maintain financial records of the PTF
  • Provide reports and budget for ExecComm and Annual meetings, newsletters
  • Send dues invoice to delinquent area chairs and vice chairs
  • Send dues invoice to non-AIChE members as they lapse
  • Send reports as needed to AIChE
  • Cooperate with AIChE for audit of PTF finances

Program Liaison for Area 3

  • Attend (or have Vice Liaison attend) the National Planning Conference to develop future meeting sessions that fit PTF needs
  • Attend and report to the Executive Committee and the Annual Meeting
  • Monitor (with the Vice Liaison) the Program Group meetings in Area 3:
    • to ensure leadership quality and succession
    • sound and creative program planning, and good
    • recruiting and communication with presenters
  • Communicate with, mentor and assist the Program Chairs and Vice Chairs
  • Supervise the on-line paper submission, review, and assignment process
  • Resolve scheduling and leadership problems for the technical program

Newsletter Editor

  • Produce a PTF newsletter several times a year noting:
    • awards, meeting dates, call for papers,
    • officer reports, book reports, technical columns,
    • other items of interest to PTF members
  • Attend and report to the ExecComm meetings and the Annual Meeting

Awards and Banquet Dinner

  • Form award committees while avoiding conflicts
  • Collect and redistribute completed nomination packets
  • Notify all parties of the utcome
  • Collect winner information, request plaques and checks
  • Present awards at the banquet and arrange for awards talk
  • Search for nearby restaurants
  • Negotiate options and select the most appropriate one


  • Maintain financial records
  • Send invoices and collect funds from sponsors and advertisers
  • Provide PTF budget and cooperate with AIChE accounting
  • Request or issue awards checks and pay other expenses


  • Take notes for various meetings
  • Communicate with members about EC and PTF news
  • Prepare ballots and report the votes
  • Assure compliance with the PTF bylaws
  • Review the procedures and revise if necessary

Communications: Newsletter/Website

  • Request and collect information for newsletter and website
  • Update website as the main communication front with members
  • Issue newsletter several times a year with most op-to-date information


  • Communicate and guide programming chairs for PTF-related sessions
  • Work with AIChE planning to assure the PTF members’ needs are met and resolve possible issues
  • Ensure sound and creative program planning and area chairs’ leadership quality and succession

One-time Tasks

  • Ongoing:review awards process and update as necessary
  • Ongoing: review PTF bylaws and revise
  • Recently: revised poster session and judging process
  • Ongoing: review membership needs and develop plans on attracting more members

Executive Committee Members

  • Participate in EC meetings by phone or on person
  • Actively looking for and suggesting ways to improve PTF-related activities
  • Help with poster judging at the annual meeting
  • Act as a liaison to the PTF and their respective workplace and vice-versa. This can include recruiting new members/officers and advertising for PTF-related activities.
  • Help in nominating new EC members
  • Help in other PTF standing committees
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