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ERPT Journal v1n1 - ERPT

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Educational Resources for Particle Technology: an archived electronic journal of reviewed contributions

Volume 1 #1 1999 April 8

Table of Contents

  • Editorial – Welcome to the 21st Century
    by Ralph D. Nelson, Jr. (DuPont Co.)
  • Stresses in Bins and Hoppers
    by Gabriel I. Tardos (City College of New York)
  • Problems in Particulate Flow: Part A - Flow Regimes
    by Lyn Bates (Ajax Equipment)

Educational Resources for Particle Technology is sponsored by the Particle Technology Forum a division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

This volume is published under copyright by the Engineering Research Center for Particle Technology University of Florida, Gainesville

Board of Directors 1998 + 1999:
Chair - Mike Roco (National Science Foundation)
Vice-Chair - Anne Donnelly (University of Florida)
Managing Editor - Ralph D. Nelson, Jr. (ERPT)
Senior Editor - Karl V. Jacob (Dow Chemical Co.)
Senior Editor - Raj Rajagopalan (Univ. of Florida)

Managing Editor:
Dr. Ralph D. Nelson, Jr., P.E.
205 Mercury Road
Newark, DE 19711-3040
Phone/FAX: (302)-239-0409

Publisher for this volume:
Engg. Res. Center for Particle Technology
205 Particle Sci. and Techn. Building
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6135
Phone: (352)-846-1194
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