Technical Societies with Programs in Particle Technology

Adhesion Society (USA) has sessions on Friction and Surface Forces, Surface and Interfacial Segregation and Effects on Adhesion, Particle Adhesion, Bacterial and Cell Adhesion Mechanisms, Surface Chemistry, Adhesion Issues in Microelectronics, Mechanisms and Measurement of Elastomer Adhesion, Structural Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Fracture and Adhesion in Polymer Gels, Fracture Mechanics Modeling
American Association for Aerosol Research (USA) has sessions on Global Environment, Microcontamination, Air Pollution, Instrumentation, Aerosol Chemistry, Material Synthesis, Aerosol Physics, Pharmaceutical Aerosols, Occupational and Public Health, Filtration/Separation, Atmospheric Sciences, Combustion, Biological Aerosols, Metrology/Standards, Indoor Air Quality, Radioactive Aerosols and Nuclear Safety.
AAPhS American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (USA)
American Ceramics Society (ACerS) has technical sessions on Phase Equilibria, Phase Transformations, Crystallography, Reaction Processes and Kinetics, Properties, Bulk Structure-Property Relations, Thick/Thin Films, cements, engineered ceramics, glass, optical materials, whitewares
American Filtration and Separations Society (USA) has sessions on cake filtration, gas cleaning, filter media, cake deliquoring and expression, washing and drying, flow through porous media, filtration test standards, woven and nonwoven media, liquid-liquid coalescence, gas-liquid coalescence, sintered powder and wound cartridge media, field-enhanced separation and filtration (electric, thermal, acoustic, magnetic fields, etc.) sedimentation, flotation, bag filter, filter media testing and standards, hydrocyclones, cyclones, media/membrane design and characterization, centrifugation, pollution control, pressure and vacuum filtration, pretreatment for filtration, deep bed filtration, coagulation and flocculation, membrane separation, reverse osmosis, bio-materials and fermentation separations, micro / nano / ultrafiltration, diafiltration, fouling, difficult filtration (polymers, gels, needle-like materials, platelets, etc.), drill-mud separation and classification, industrial and municipal water amd wastewater treatment, oil/water and produced water separations, phosphoric acid filtration, agricultural waste treatment or recovery, polymer filtration, aircraft deicing fluid filtration and recovery, separation for clean room and electronics
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (USA)
Energetic Materials Forum (proposed)
Nanotechnology Forum (new, no site yet)
Powder Technology Forum (us, of course)
APMI American Powder Metallurgy Institute (USA)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (USA) has a Nanotechnology Institute and divisions for Materials Handling Engineering, Materials, Process Industries, Solids Waste Handling, and Tribology.
Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (Japanese) (English) -- promotes educational seminars, technical information exchange, distribution of powder samples, and exhibitions staged by the Association
PSTNet ARC Research Network for Particulate Science and Technology is a network of researchers, government organisations, and industries with a common interest in particulate science and technology. (funded by the Australian Research Council)
AuPTS Australian Particle Technology Society (part of the Institute of Engineers of Australia) -- promotes the cooperation of academic, industrial, commercial and government organisations involved in all aspects of particle technology research. It acts as a forum to disseminate information about advances in particle research, promote the interests of members and assist in organising technical meetings.
The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering has a Division of Surface Science
Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
EMF (AIChE) Energetic Materials Forum of the AIChE deals with energetic reactions, explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics.
European Powder Metallurgy Association has sessions on powder production, powder compacting, spray forming, sintering, surface treatment, tribology, refractories, magnetic materials, thermal spraying, mechanical alloying, nanocrystaline materials, porous and foam materials
Filtration Society (UK) provides symposia, tutorials, a technical journal, and several dozen external links to other filtration societies and research centers. The society covers topics similar to those listed under the American Filtration Society.
Institute of Chemical Engineers (UK)
International Fine Particle Research Institute
-- IFPRI is a non profit industrial research consortium seeking to advance the solution of important industrial problems in Particle Technology
-- IFPRI promotes fundamental research in particle technology at universities
-- IFPRI is a 'virtual' organisation which has no physical corporate headquarters.
-- We use the international standing and influence of our members.
-- We bring together different academic disciplines to solve defined problems aiming at synergy and challenge to current thinking.
MPIFed Metal Powder Industries Federation
NSEF (AIChE) Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum of the AIChE covers research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1 - 100 nanometer range, phenomena and materials at the nanoscale, and creation and use of structures, devices and systems that have novel properties and functions because of their small and/or intermediate size
Part.Soc.MN The Particle Society of Minnesota seeks to involve academic and industrial particle science professionals in continuing education in particle science utilizing expertise from the fields of mechanical and chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry and physics
Society of Rheology (USA) has sessions on Jamming and Vitrification in Suspensions, Structure Development in Flow, Coating and Extensional Processes, Interfacial Rheology: Adhesion and Slip, Food and Consumer Products, Heterogeneous Systems: Suspensions, Composite and Multiphase Materia
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI, The Association of German Engineers)
Abteilung A: Entwicklung (Konstruktion, Vertrieb), Fördertechnik (Materialfluss, Logistik), Informationstechnik, Medizintechnik, Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik, Optische Technologien, Produktionstechnik, Systementwicklung und Projektgestaltung
Abteilung B: Agrartechnik, Bautechnik, Biotechnologie, Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik, Kunsstofftechnik, Nanotechnologie, Technische Gebäudeausrüstung, Werkstofftechnik
Abteilung C: Chemie- und Verfahrenstechnik, Energietechnik, Luftreinhaltung, Umwelttechnik



Advanced Powder Technology (The International Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan) -- reports on research in various areas of powder technology such as particle characterization, mechanical powder properties, storage, conveying, comminution, classification, agglomeration, mixing and kneading, dispersion, reactor design, dust, separation, filtration.

The Web site Bulk-online is based on the journals Bulk Solids Handling and Powder Handling & Processing. It has an online eDirectory with 2,500 listings, a Who's Who Register, a Bookshop Search, and several Forums.

Particulate Science and Technology -- all aspects of science and engineering related too particles and particle systems from millimeter to nanometer sixes. Topics include particle formation and production, particle and particle system characterization, fluidized beds, multiphase flows, storage, flow, conveying, handling, electrography, image processing, pattern recognition, mixing, segregation, separation, agglomeration, compaction, powder coating and electrosprays, microencapsulation, explosion and fire hazards, aerosols, pollution control, industrial hygiene, contamination control, lung deposition, agricultural and food powders, ceramics, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, powdered metals.

China Particuology publishes papers in research, engineering and application in the overall field of PARTICUOLOGY, including particle characterization, particle preparation, aerosol, fluidization and ultra-fine particles.

Powder and Bulk Engineering -- has a supplier links and buyers' guide

Powder Technology -- publishes papers in areas such as
-- Formation and synthesis of particles by precipitation and other methods.
-- Modification of particles by agglomeration, coating, comminution and attrition.
-- Characterisation of the size, shape, surface area, pore structure and strength of particles and agglomerates (including the origins and effects of inter particle forces).
-- Packing, failure, flow and permeability of assemblies of particles
-- Particle-particle interactions and suspension rheology.
-- Handling and processing operations, such as slurry flow, fluidization, pneumatic conveying.
-- Interactions between particles and their environment, including the delivery of particulate products to the body.
-- Applications of particle technology in production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, pigments, structural and functional materials a nd in environmental and energy related matters.

The Journal of Nanoparticle Research -- You may search and view titles, authors, and abstracts for all issues since publication started in 1999.

Other Resources

The Purdue Univ. Particle Science Lab has a large list of similar resources.

Powder and Bulk Dot Com has links to vendors of many types of processsing equipment plus an \"ask the expert\" feature