Executive Committee Leadership

Executive Officers Officer Position Rajesh Dave Chair and SIOC Liaison Bruce Hook Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Reza Mostofi Past Chair Benjamin Glasser Treasurer/Officer Brenda Remy Secretary/Officer Executive Committee (Academic) Academic Member Position James Gilchrist Officer Benjamin Glasser Treasurer/Officer Richard M. Lueptow, PE Officer Ah-Hyung Alissa Park Officer Industry Officers (Industry) Industry Member Position Ben Freireich Officer Reddy Karri Officer Mayank Kashyap Officer and Chair of Student Workshop Brenda Remy Secretary/Officer Liaisons and Committee Chairs Industry Member Position Manuk Colakyan PTF Program Chair Shrikant V Dhodapkar Newsletter Jennifer Sinclair Curtis Sponsorship Chair Raymond Cocco CTOC Liaison Darlene Schuster Staff Liaison Patrick Spicer Webmaster Past Chairs of the PTF: 1993-1994 L.